A career at EcoMondis offers new, exciting and challenging opportunities. We have grown from a two-person operation to a company that now employs over 150 people, in the process becoming one of the leading waste derived alternative fuel producers.

We have achieved this growth by being innovative, proactive and flexible to market challenges and by employing the brightest and the best. We believe that our staff has made us the successful company we are today.

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We work hard and achieve great satisfaction by seeing the results. Our flat organisational structure ensure that all employees, irrelevant of their level within the organisational structure, will both interact and challenge each other on a daily basis, ensuring a dynamic working environment.

At EcoMondis, we provide a platform for you to be innovative, passionate, pioneering and successful. We believe that great results come from great risks. Everyone at EcoMondis works as part of a team. It's this strong team culture that will see us become a muti-million euro player in the alternative fuels industry.

The company seeks to recruit a balance of experienced management personnel with relevant experience and proven ability; with the highest performing graduates from a variety of academic disciplines.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with Ecomondis, please contact us. Our current growth ensures that we are consistently recruiting the best people.