Management Team

EcoMondis is an Irish owned company, employing over 150 people across Europe. Our strength is in our Management Team, which is comprised of experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the production and supply of alternative Fuels. Each specifically skilled in their own operational unit, including Finance, Corporate Sales, Global Logistics, Production etc., the EcoMondis corporate culture ensures that the Management Team possess a broad range of skills which allows them to work together across all business disciplines.

Brian Buckley, CEO

Brian Buckley is the CEO, Co-Founder and Owner of EcoMondis. Brian successfully established Ireland’s leading Waste Management and Recycling Company, Greyhound Recycling and Recovery, almost 15 years ago. Having lead the pioneering of Solid Recoverable Fuel within that business, he has instigated the expansion of the company’s activities into international markets. A Graduate of Trinity College Dublin, he spent several years working in Investment Banking in Australia before returning to Ireland to establish his own business.

Michael Buckley, CEO

Michael, like Brian, has been instrumental in the establishment of EcoMondis, and Greyhound Recycling before it. As Managing Director within the business, Michael has specific expertise in the area of Operations and Logistics. As an Accountant with KPMG, he specialised in Debt Restructuring, handling international clients such as GPA and GECAS. With his experience in managing the company’s relationships with some of the World’s biggest cement companies and power plants, Michael believes that strong customer focus - combined with a cohesive management team - is the key competitive advantage of EcoMondis.