Research and Development

EcoMondis’ success to date has been built upon the company’s willing to invest significant human and financial capital into the researching and developing of new technologies and new waste derived alternative fuels.

As a market leader in this industry sector, the company is focused on delivering complete solutions to our primary customers, namely Heat and Power producers across the World. On that basis, the company has a precedent of researching and developing specific solutions for each customer with whom it trades, from logistical innovation in the way in which we deliver our finished products, to site specific equipment used to facilitate the feeding and consumption of EcoMondis Alternative Fuels in place of coal.

The further expansion and development of our Waste Derived Alternative Fuel Production facilities provide local waste management companies and local authorities with the opportunity to meet local targets to divert material away from landfill.

The Company engages the services of the best local Universities in the markets in which it operates, to identify new growth markets and technologies which can be developed as part of our portfolio of service offerings. UCD’s Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School has been very supportive in providing the company with high calibre resources with whom to work on projects in that market.

The company invests c €500,000 per annum in the development of new technologies, to facilitate continued growth and expansion.