SRF Fuel

Solid Recoverable Fuel (SRF), also known as RDF in the UK market, is an alternative fuel derived from Dry Commercial Waste.

Why Should Heat and Power producers use SRF?

The consumption of SRF in place of coal or pet coke will save your business money. SRF is an established fuel in Europe, with Cement Companies typically substituting between 30 and 50% of their previous coal/pet coke with this material. With 60% Biomass, SRF is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.







ERFO Economic Cost Benefit Analysis: SRF vs Coal

Co-Processing in Cement Plant
SRF Calorific Value(kJ/Kg)
Energetic Savings (€/T SRF)
CO2 Savings (€/T SRF)
Over Cost Investments (€/T SRF)
Over Cost Operations (€/T SRF)
Potential Value (€/T SRF)

Invest: Storage / Injection/CI By-Pass. Pet Coke Price €70/T. (26 gJ/T)